What do vegans eat on Shrove Tuesday?


February 17, 2010 by bethanjthomas

As a child, Shrove Tuesday often competed with Christingle as my favourite food related Christian festival. It won my affections simply because I didn’t drip wax on myself on pancake day.

Last night was a challenge though, as a friend of mine has recently become vegan and pancakes posed a pretty difficult condundrum….think about it, what kind of pancakes can vegans eat?

Determined not to be defeated, my friend Henrik heroically found a recipe that avoided all dairy and we made sure we had plenty of roasted vegetables for savoury pancakes, and sugar and lemon for the sweet ones.  And the fun began…

First attempt at a vegan pancake

Fingers crossed for the first vegan pancake

So you can forget eggs and milk, replace them with soya milk and soya flour…

First flip for the vegan pancake!

Slightly terrified flipping the first vegan pancake

The pancake mix was a little thinner than a dairy pancake, but other than that it was an exact match…

Vegan pancake survives the ordeal of being flipped

Luckily the first vegan pancake survived the flip

Bizarrely, when the batter went in the pan it was actually thicker as it cooked than the dairy batter.  Perhaps because there was so much flour in the mix?

Despite its wonkiness, the pancake was good!

The wonky vegan pancake!

So now that the mix was sorted, toppings became an issue…sugar and lemon are fine, but nutella, honey, cheese, ham…all out.  Instead we roasted vegetables and stocked up on the lemons!

The finished vegan-ake

A complete vegan pancake

And they weren’t half bad.

A happy vegan!

A happy vegan!

Although I have to say, I did devour at least 8 dairy versions covered in cheese, ham or nutella, but it was great to be able to enjoy my favourite food festival together despite some tricky dietary requirements!


2 thoughts on “What do vegans eat on Shrove Tuesday?

  1. pancakerik says:

    Someone had to point out that the wonky soya pancake was our first stab – I’m sure at least the fifteenth, sixteenth or, at the very least, seventeenth were OK looking…

  2. I think it depended on whether you or Andy were making them!

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