Comfort Food

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February 21, 2010 by bethanjthomas

After a hard night out in Beijing, I used to walk to McDonalds in the mid-afternoon and order 2 chicken mcnugget extra value meals, large.  I found immense comfort in eating the greasy, salty food and would waste a few hours watching Hornblower in the darkened flat whilst devouring a bucket of cholesterol.  It was bliss.

Now, in ‘foodie circles’ this would be an outrage, an affront to taste.  But I definitely think that all food has its place.

Char grilled steak McCoy crisps, Singapore noodles, Marks and Spencer’s vegetable samosas, katsu curry with processed cheese on it (honestly, give it a go) all of these things make me very happy when I need them to.  I’m not advocating eating them every day, but I could murder a samosa right now.


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