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February 28, 2010 by bethanjthomas

Since I moved to London, I’ve always lived south of the river and I love it.  For me to head further north than Charing Cross, takes some convincing. There is one exception to this rule, and it is deepest, darkest Dalston where (in my opinion) the best Turkish food in London can be found.

Dalston is awash with kebab houses, shisha cafes and the best berek I’ve eaten in England.  I tend to go there every couple of months with some friends from school.   We went to Turkey on an archaelogical dig after our a-levels, and grilled meats smothered in yoghurt bring back happy memories.

Delicious turkish starters

My favourite Turkish starters - fried liver and berek

The British, definitely underestimate Turkish food.  I can’t even count the number of Thai food pubs in London, or the Indian restaurants, Greek eateries, Tapas restaurants and fish and chip shops.  But you have to look pretty hard for authentic Turkish food….outside of North east London anyway.

The simple flavours and healthy cooking never fail to hit the spot and the Turks also know how to have a good time while eating.  Succulent grilled lamb, crispy aubergine and cool yoghurt atop warm bread; deep fried feta cheese in filo pastry; fried liver;  shish kebab all accompanied by half naked women wobbling their wibbly bits, and shisha pipes all round.

Lamb, yoghurt, aubergine, salad...what's not to like?

Grilled spicy lamb, aubergine and yoghurt

If Gilbert and George are fans, who else can resist?  When the home style cooking is combined with ice cold, fizzy efes it’s pretty close to perfection.

Efes beer

Efes beer

Yesterday, we went to ‘The Stone Cave’ on Kingsland High Street which we’ve avoided in the past due to its extreme tackiness in decor.  Its done out like a climbing wall inside, fake boulders on every wall and tables with tree trunk legs in stone.  The ceiling adorned with stained glass light shades and gold cupids.

Kitch surrounding in 'The Stone Cave'

The Stone Cave's alternative decorations

The service and food were great though.  With the size of the starters being particularly impressive.  If you have a craving for berek, the Stone Cave is well worth a look in.  Especially for belly dancers of an evening, and the unique atmosphere of Kingsland High Street.



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