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April 1, 2010 by bethanjthomas

The beginning of my bank holiday weekend is being spent catching up on some BBC cookery entertainment in absolute bliss.  I don’t think any channel does food so as well as Aunty.  I absolutely adored their programme on Alan Davidson’s Oxford Companion to Food and I’ve been completely sucked into Master Chef.

Why the presenters insist on shouting 90% of the time, but whisper irrelevant criticisms to create tension at a regular 3 minute interval, I’ll never understand! But even that can’t ruin it for me.  Unlike Gordon Ramsay and his self aware monologues of expletives, there’s an air of realism to the kitchen and competition in general.Nothing can distract from the fun of watching people who love food cooking and people who love to eat trying the food.

I can’t help thinking that they ‘chefs’ are all slightly deluded by the idea that winning the competition will ensure that they have a successful restaurant one day.  It’s not intended to be a restaraunteur  competition and I’d love it if the competitors were more similar to the guys in the 1980s who were just total amateurs without restaurant ambitions.

I just like to complain.  I’m adoring watching it with a cup of earl grey and a swanky biscuit.  Bliss.


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