Halloween Heart Attack

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November 30, 2011 by bethanjthomas

Yesterday evening I ate the final ‘voodoo doll jelly bean’ from the collection of sweets that have been lying around our house since Halloween.

Sickly sweet halloween candy

Halloween candies...health warning should be attached

Whilst I appreciate that in America Halloween is a hallowed tradition, excuse the pun, loved by children and adults alike, in North Oxford we received no trick or treaters and have been pondering the health repercussions of the holiday ever since.  The only thing sadder than the prospect of having to eat little lumps of pure sugar for a month, was the look on our American neighbours faces when they received no trick or treaters for the 3rd year in a row.

Incredible carved pumpkin

Halloween scary carved pumpkin

The next sentence that I want to write makes me worry about the kind of mother I will one day become.  But it bothers me that it seems impossible to buy a healthy or tasty (to an adult palate) Halloween snack.  Maybe this is the point, it is a chance to indulge and enjoy the darker, sweeter things in life.  I do wonder if it might be possible to raise the bar though.  A higher cocoa content and more promotion of pumpkins in edible form might help ease the pain of the morning after.

Pumpkin cookies made by a real American...best halloween treat of the year

Yummy pumpkin cookies

I appreciate that kids will never go for this.  I for one used to eat 3 selection boxes of chocolate on Christmas day without ever considering the long term health consequences.  It’d just be nice for those of us who try to make an effort for potential halloween-ers not to be left lumbered with a heart attack on a plate.

I now apologise for how sacrilegious this post must be for 99% of Americans.


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