The Popularity of Pies

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December 11, 2011 by bethanjthomas

I’ve noticed something happening on the streets of London lately.  It’s been quiet, almost stealth like, but it’s happened… the renaissance of the pie.

Pie mmm

A classic steak and kidney pie

I first became suspicious that the pie was making a come back, when three friends independently recommended Putney Pies to me.  Now, Putney is full of upwardly mobile banker types who I’d assume would be into freshly rolled sushi or anything accompanied with a jus, but it seems that Put-onians have embraced traditional hand made British pies, stuffed with Ox cheeks, venison and kidney (not all in the same pie).  Not a jus in sight on the menu.

I then began to notice the popularity of the pie restaurant chain Pie Minister which now seems to have over 20 different outlets across the UK, Battersea Pie Station, Square Pie in Spitalfields…the pies are invading!

Pukka Pies - a taste invasion

Pukka Pies - a taste invasion

Now this resurgence is understandable on two fronts – firstly, pies are delicious.  A devilish combination of fat, salt and a little more fat, nothing is quite as satisfying on a grim December afternoon.  Secondly, we seem to be becoming obsessed with eating food that harks back to days of old.  Offal has never been so in fashion, and if a trotter could be worked into a pie, the aspiring foodies of South West London would have a field day.  I blame Heston Blumethal in part for this, his creation of ‘Dinner’ and the amazing desire people now have to eat marrow bone and ragoo of pigs ears.

It’s certainly not a bad thing that we’re opening up our minds to eat cuts of meat that were previously considered unsavoury, and encasing them in pastry and gravy is certainly a great way of doing it.  I hope the fad isn’t just a fad.  Long live the pie.


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