There’s tea in my beer!


March 13, 2012 by bethanjthomas

Coors Light is the beer of choice in our household.  Our Canadian flatmate made sure that this was the case, and I have to say that their marketing team have (until recently) never failed to impress me.  Labels which turn blue to show whether the beer is the right temperature, Jean Claude Van Damn in hilarious adverts…brilliant.

But now they seem to have gone a step too far.  They’ve released an iced tea flavoured beer.

Coors Light Iced T Beer

The new flavour 'innovation' from Coors Light - beer and iced tea. Eww.

Why?  Why oh why?

If someone can find me the demographic in North America who are currently mixing their beer with iced tea, and will therefore benefit from this ‘flavour innovation’, I will happily eat my words.  Hell, I’ll even drink one of these awful sounding beers.  But until this point, I will simply say – stop trying to ‘innovate’ with ‘blue sky thinking’ ‘outside the box’ when it simply doesn’t make any sense.


2 thoughts on “There’s tea in my beer!

  1. Alex Zorach says:

    I love tea and I love beer, but…this product does not appeal to me at all. To me, they’re very different drinks and I would not want to combine them. I also think there’s something a bit dangerous about combining caffeine and alcohol…although this sort of combination is comparatively much more benign than the recent “four loco” controversy, combining an energy drink with a high alcohol content.

    • I’m in agreement – its a great marketing angle but I’ll definitely be keeping my tea away form my beer. In China where I’m living now, its common to drink whiskey with really strong, unsweetened iced green tea as a mixer and the effects that it has on people are worrying!

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