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  1. An American Diet

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    November 8, 2010 by bethanjthomas

    This morning I landed at a miserably cold and wet Heathrow after spending a week in Florida with work.  I …
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  2. Assa: Ahnyong Haseyo and Kamsahamnida

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    September 27, 2010 by bethanjthomas

    For someone who regularly eats more than their daily recommended calorific intake, I keep in relatively good shape.   However, …
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  3. What would Jay Rayner say?

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    September 18, 2010 by bethanjthomas

    I love restaurant reviews.  They offer a delicious opportunity to have a complete gastronomic experience without putting a morsel in …
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  4. The Taste Of The Underground


    September 13, 2010 by bethanjthomas

    First visit to an ‘underground restaurant’ or supper club in Hackney, London.

  5. The Ultimate Meal

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    February 15, 2010 by bethanjthomas

    A memoir of the best meal to ever pass my lips.

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